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Interfaith Prayer/J’ally


noun | j·al·ly | Jˈalī/
Definition: Someone who is not Jewish and is in a relationship with someone who is and lovingly embraces Judaism.
Example in a sentence: My wife is not Jewish but she makes an awesome Passover Seder because she is a J’ally.
Synonyms: Jewish spirit, Jewish at heart, open to Jewish practice

The reason our movement is called JewBelong is because we want Judaism to be a more inclusive, welcoming religion. We probably all know someone who is not Jewish, but who is helping to make a Jewish home. We call them J’allies. This blessing is for them.

The non-Jews in the Jewish community are a crucial, beautiful and diverse group of people. Some are living a Jewish life in virtually all respects. Some are devoutly committed to another faith. Some do not define themselves as religious at all. We thank you for your decision to cast your lot with the Jewish people and for the love and support you give to your Jewish partners and family. We also offer our deepest thanks to those of you who are parents and who are raising your sons and daughters as Jews. We are a very small people and history has made us smaller. Every Jewish child is especially precious. Our children mean hope, life and future. With all our hearts, we want to thank you for this gift. We pray with all of our hearts that the gifts and blessings you have given to your family, to the community, and to the Jewish People will come back to you and fill your life with joy and fulfillment.

Adapted from Rabbi Janet Marder