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JewBarrassment. We’ve all been there. Between all the rules and denominations, it’s hard to know what to do all the time (like most things in life). JewBarrassment happens to everyone. We’ve even had rabbinical students tell us that they’ve felt JewBarrassed, so there. Here’s a public service announcement… We may never actually end JewBarrassment, but we can all work to decrease it. How? By asking questions when we don’t know something and sharing answers when we do. Or stepping in when we see someone starting to feel a little JewBarrassed, like if they bring an apple pie to Passover because the crust doesn’t rise, but then you can see your Aunt Faye about to say something critical (because apple pie is actually a Passover no-no). It sounds pretty easy, right? TBH, it’s probably easier said than done, but it’s on all of us to do better. At JewBelong, we have high hopes for a Jewish future where everyone feels welcome, so we all need to get to it. (Along those lines, if you see something on JewBelong.com that you think is wrong or confusing, please let us know, and don’t worry, we promise to try not to feel JewBarrassed!)