JewBarrassment is that feeling we’ve all had at some point when we do, or think we do, something Jewish wrong. Like going to someone’s home for Passover and bringing cookies as a gift. (Whoops. You’re not supposed to eat cookies during Passover.) Or maybe you go to someone else’s home that keeps strict Shabbat rules and you turn on a light. (Another no-no). What with all the rules and guidelines and different denominations, it’s hard to know what to do all the time, pretty much like anything else in life! (Trust us – JewBarrassment happens to everyone. We’ve even had Yeshiva students tell us that they’ve felt JewBarrassed.) We may never actually end JewBarrassment, but we can definitely decrease it by a) asking more questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to religious rules. And b) answering questions with kindness when someone does ask! Sometimes people are shy about explaining a custom fully. Instead, it would be wonderful to look at religious ritual and practice as a chance to teach others about an interesting tradition that might add meaning to their lives too.

When you think a schvitz is cheap beer from Milwaukee.

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