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Rosh Hashanah


Ready for a Kick-Ass Rosh Hashanah? Follow these two steps to add meaning and fun to the holiday!

Scroll to the bottom to download the Rosh Haggadah and Personal Roadmap!


Step One:
Personal Roadmap

The start of the Jewish New Year is a great time for soul-searching, and the Personal Roadmap is a perfect starting point. For some of us at JewBelong, it’s the most thought-provoking part of the holiday. The Personal Roadmap challenges us to consider the past year and think about how we’d like to move our lives forward. It can even be transformative, especially when shared with a group.


Step Two:
Rosh Haggadah (Your Haggadah for Rosh Hashanah)

Whether or not you go to synagogue, the Rosh Haggadah will add meaning to your holiday. It’s best when read out loud with friends and family. Feel free to follow the Rosh Haggadah from beginning to end, or just choose the readings you like.


And since we Jews love to eat…

Some of us will enjoy a Rosh Hashanah meal with friends and family. Which is, of course, is the perfect time for a Kick-Ass Rosh Hashanah! Here are some tips to get started:

The Personal Roadmap: Send the Personal Roadmap to everyone in advance and ask them to bring it completed with them when they come. There is time for the Personal Roadmap when you are doing the Rosh Haggadah. Don’t skip this part — it will warm your heart when you see stoic Aunt Susan open up when it’s her turn to share.

The Rosh Haggadah: Think about how the Rosh Haggadah will work best at your house, especially the part about Tashlich, the symbolic ritual of throwing one’s sins into running water, on page 7. Ideally, the water source would be a river, but it’s perfectly OK to use your kitchen sink, and it’s an especially meaningful part of the day.

The Basics:

      • Make sure you have enough chairs and copies of The Personal Roadmap and The Rosh Haggadah for all your guests.
      • Think about assigning readings in advance. Take turns, and have everyone read one paragraph, just as you do in the Passover Seder.
      • Think beyond apples and honey and brisket. Hello, Appletinis!
Download Files Below and Have a Kick-Ass Rosh Hashanah!

  • Rosh Haggadah

  • Personal Roadmap