Being a Zionist means you stand for a safe and secure Israel. PERIOD! If you don’t agree with all of Israel’s policies, that’s okay but it’s a different conversation. Being a proud Zionist can (and in our opinion, should) also mean that you stand for the humane treatment of Palestinians, Israeli Arabs, Jews and anyone else. Peace between neighbors of different races, religions and cultures happens all over the globe. It can happen in Israel too.


Jews comprise only 1.8% of the population in the U.S. but are targets of 60% of the religious hate crimes.


For white supremacists, Jews are not white, so they hate us. For the far left, we’re white colonialists so they hate us. (How do you colonize a place you’ve been for 3,000 years?)


The Anti-Defamation League reports there was a 34% increase in antisemitic incidents in the U.S. from 2020 to 2021.


Israel is situated in a region where many close neighbors practice appalling oppression of their citizens. In parts of Iran women can be killed for showing their hair and in the Hamas-held city of Gaza, gay people can be killed for just existing. It is astounding and wonderful that in this region of the world, Israel fosters a culture of tolerance and social progress. In fact, 25% of the population of Tel Aviv is gay, making it the safest space in the Middle East for this violently persecuted minority.


Israel is home of some of the most significant advances in medicine and technology, which they happily share with the world. Like using your cell phone, USB stick, and Waze? You can thank Israel!


Stupid stereotype alert: not all Jews are white, rich, and powerful. Many live below the poverty line. And Jews are every skin color under the sun.


Holding Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, to different standards than other sovereign countries is antisemitic. So yes, in the vast majority of cases, being anti-Zionist is antisemitic.


The Jewish people need Israel. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of history knows this. We’ve been kicked out of every country we’ve ever lived in other than the US. If getting thrown out sounds awful, it is, but the ones who stayed were usually killed. Examples of Jews leaving places because they were no longer safe? Spain (during the Spanish Inquisition), Russia, France, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey to name just a few. After the Holocaust, Israel absorbed hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees with no country to return to. Bottom line, the only place where Jews are truly safe from Jew hate is Israel.


The Holocaust was not that long ago, and, judging by the way the rest of the world rejected Jews during that time, sorry, but we’ll depend on the State of Israel if the sh*t hits the fan again. Because we know no one else is going to protect us.


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