Archie Gottesman

For more than 20 years, Archie and Stacy (see JewBelong co-founder) were the voice behind Manhattan Mini Storage NYC. Using politics, sex, pop-culture and plain old snark, they made Manhattan Mini Storage one of New York City’s most iconic brands. In addition to branding, Archie’s business experience includes HR, business operations, and real estate. She has sat on the board of many Jewish organizations, including Foundation for Jewish Camp, Israel Campus Coalition, and is the current chair of Aside from saving the Jewish people from themselves or apathy, Archie cares deeply about ending the problem of overpopulation of homeless dogs. She was the chair of Animal Haven Shelter in New York City. Archie and her husband, Gary DeBode, live in NJ and are the proud parents of 3 daughters and 3+ shelter dogs.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

“Because Judaism is a great product with lousy marketing. JewBelong is out to change that.”

Archie’s Fill in the Blanks:

– Karaoke? Count me in! I’m singing Goodbye Earl by the Chicks or Drunk on a Plane by Dierks Bentley!
– Bartender! Please make me a(n) vodka martini, extra olives, a little bit dirty.
– If I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross or You Make by World Go Round by Haul and Oates is playing, I’ll be on the dance floor.
– Best musical? A Chorus Line.


Stacy Stuart

Stacy has been a marketing professional for almost 30 years, including five years at Ogilvy and Mather, and 20 years working on the well-known advertising for Manhattan Mini Storage. She is a graduate of Ithaca College, New York University, and the Wexner Heritage Program. Stacy is a mom of three, wife, and animal lover currently residing with four rescue pets.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

“My Jewish journey began about 20 years ago when I learned (credit goes to my JewBelong Co-Founder, Archie) that all I needed to start was intention and curiosity. Little did I know back then that Hebrew school, challah, and belief in God were optional, and that Jewish values were inherently already mine. JewBelong was born out of the understanding that most Disconnected Jews (the group we lovingly call DJs at JewBelong) shared the same fears/misunderstandings that any of us do about not fitting in, being JewBarrassed, and so much more.”

Stacy’s Fill in the Blanks:

Don’t judge, but The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown (great short stories!), notebook/pen, and a fan are on my nightstand.
– A talent I’d most like to have is singing or cooking.
– Bartender! Please make me a(n) Fleurdelisier in the backyard at Maison Premiere. Or a gin and tonic anywhere else.

Project Manager

Max Cohen

Max grew up in the suburbs of Maryland before going to college and settling in NYC. There, he began performing stand-up comedy and met his wife, Vicky Kuperman, who is also a comic. Together they started the Love’s A Joke show, featuring all comedy couples. Most importantly, they rescued their dog, Coach. Max transitioned from a career in fundraising to work at A&E Networks as a social media coordinator, and now brings all of his skills and snark to help grow JewBelong.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Very quick Jewbarrassment story?

“When I was in Hebrew school, my rabbi took the class to a kosher restaurant to see the laws of kashrut look in action, and of course to get some lunch. When it was my turn to order, I said, “I’ll have the cheeseburger.” The class laughed, but the rabbi and the staff were not too happy. ”

Max’s Fill in the Blanks:

– A talent I’d most like to have is singing.
– I can bake a mean Sharlotka, a traditional Soviet apple cake.
– My favorite TV show ever is obviously Clone High.

Product Designer

Minh Tran

Minh grew up in Boston and moved around the globe until finally settling in Brooklyn – her favorite city to-date. Her career started in the healthcare industry, where she worked in clinical research before transitioning to web development + digital design. When not collaborating with the small but mighty JewBelong team, Minh enjoys sewing, cooking, and spending entirely too much time canoodling her dogs.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Very quick Jewbarrassment story?

“When I was in middle school I moved with my family to Jerusalem. We knew little to nothing about Judaism. During our first week in Jerusalem, we hopped in a car to go sightseeing. These were the days before smartphones and Google Maps, so we of course got lost. Long story short, we attempted to drive through Mea Shearim during Shabbat. We were horrified by our ignorance.”

Minh’s Fill in the Blanks:

– In high school, I was known for being a jock … the total opposite of adult me!
– My favorite TV show ever is obviously Seinfeld.
– Bartender! Please make me a nice peaty scotch on the rocks.

Marketing Consultant

Adam Kossof

Even before his Bar Mitzvah, Adam was a business-MAN selling candy and funny accessories out of his school desk. The thrill of providing people with something they wanted and could benefit from lead him down a path of entrepreneurship and marketing. To this day, Adam loves finding ways to introduce new products, services, and valuable information (like everything JewBelong offers!) to people.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had being Jewish! Well – maybe that one time on Birthright…. but JewBelong has made me actually want to celebrate the holidays, I’ve probably learned more from their tools than I ever did at Sunday school, and the mission means a lot to me!”

Adam’s Fill in the Blanks:

– I absolutely refuse to share my rainbow cookies… hands down the greatest dessert of all time!
– Aside from JewBelong, my favorite Instagram influencer/feed is @oldjewishmen. #goals
– Pets? YES! The best pandemic puppy of them all… GOOFY!
– If “Shut Up and Dance With Me” is playing, I’ll be on the dance floor.


Alison Lebovitz

Alison Lebovitz is a PBS television host, professional speaker, podcaster, author and nonprofit executive who is incapable of starting any conversation without mentioning the fact that she is a Jewish girl from Alabama. (Case in point!) Driven by her community spirit, faith and insomnia, Alison serves on numerous nonprofit boards, including the Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee Aquarium, Read20, UnifiEd, Tennessee Holocaust Commission, Fiedler Hillel at Northwestern University, and of course, JewBelong. She graduated with honors from Brandeis University and holds an M.A. in radio/television/film from Northwestern University. She and her husband, Alan, live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they are raising three men(sches), Arthur, Abe and Levi.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

"Because I thought I was the only person who thought it was important to make Judaism fun, accessible and engaging, like writing and producing annual puppet show musicals for Passover, until I met Archie and Stacy and found my kindred Jewish spirits!"

Alison's Fill in the Blanks:

- In high school, I was known for my enormous mane of curly hair, which I have tried to beat into submission every day since.
- I can cook a mean challah, because there is no place to buy a decent one in Chattanooga.
- Bartender! Please make me a(n) old fashioned (what else did you expect from a Tennessee girl?).

Advisory Board

Bari Mattes

Bari Mattes is an independent strategic consultant working with non-profit and political organizations whose work is consistent with her personal mission of leaving the world a better place than she found it. In addition to lending her expertise to JewBelong, Bari also serves on the Board of Trustees at the Vera Institute of Justice and on the Board of Mentor Newark. Bari lives in Newark, NJ with a Westie named Maddie who - swear to God - thinks she’s a person. In addition to making the world a better place, Bari tries to make it a sweeter place too — she bakes as her own form of therapy and makes Passover desserts so good you’d want to eat them all year round.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

"To me, the ethos of Judaism — tikkun olam — is universal and should be shared and embraced by all Jews (and non-Jews). JewBelong, with its inclusivity, embodies this v spirit. And, because I would do anything Archie asks me to do (except karaoke!)"

Bari's Fill in the Blanks:

- In high school, I was known for being both most likely to succeed and class cutter.
- My favorite TV show ever is obviously Real Housewives of NJ.
- Don't judge, but People magazine is on my nightstand.
- If "It’s Raining Men" is playing, I’ll be on the dance floor.
- Best musical? Fiddler on the Roof (always but especially in Yiddish)

Rebecca Raphael

Rebecca is an LA girl (from the Valley!) turned New Yorker, a mom of three redheads, and a writer/editor specializing in book projects. Rebecca formerly worked as the head of digital for Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray and Katie Couric. Judaism brings her tremendous joy and meaning.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

"My parents always invited people over for Shabbat dinner, even if they had no Jewish background, and welcomed them without judgment and with helpful explanations of rituals, no JewBarassment at all. It’s my turn to do the same, and I don’t even have to host dinner to spread the Jewish love and knowledge, thanks to Archie."

Rebecca's Fill in the Blanks:

- If I were on "America's Got Talent," I would read the Haftarah. For real.
- In high school, I was known for scrunching my curly hair with Aussie Scrunch Spray. Fine, I was also voted 'Most Likely To Succeed' but what does that even mean?
- I can cook absolutely nothing. Worst cook ever. Not even rice.
- Bartender! Please make me a tequila on the rocks, extra lime.
- Best musical? Rent, Hamilton, Billy Elliot

Tamar Remz

Tamar is Chief Partnerships Officer at the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. As a change-making and volunteer leader, Tamar sits on the boards of Moishe House, Open Mind Platform, At The Well, Educational Alliance, and the 14th Street Y. Prior to holding professional roles in philanthropy, Tamar worked in startup e-commerce with Rent The Runway. Born in NYC and raised in Newton, MA by parents who met at Camp Ramah in New England, Tamar returned to New York to pursue Bachelors and Masters degrees from New York University. Tamar lives in New York City, though (during non COVID times) you will regularly find her at Shabbat dinner tables across the world.

Let’s talk Jewbelong!

Why JewBelong?

"I love that JewBelong is making Judaism accessible, meaningful AND fun. And I believe in the dream team of Archie and Stacy!"

Tamar's Fill in the Blanks:

- The last time I forgot sunscreen was when I was in israel, and getting SPF 30 or higher in the Holyland takes a good effort.
- Bartender! Please make me a very dirty martini with blue cheese olives.
- If anything by Michael or Janet (Jackson - of course) is playing, I’ll be on the dance floor.

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