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Torah Passing (Feminine)

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The Torah and our Jewish traditions have been stewarded for thousands of years. Someday you will teach a child who is not born yet. You have been lucky to know many, some who are standing with us right now, who love you and teach you your tradition. Each of you have given your love and love of Jewish tradition.

Many have played a vital part in the learning and care of Torah. It is now your turn to take your place among us. Being Jewish is an honor and a responsibility. Long ago, our mothers and their mothers before them passed on their laws and their customs. Their sisterhood was made up of everything from lighting the Shabbat candles to a recipe for challah or charoset.

As we pass the Torah to you, remember you are a link in a strong chain. Accept the Torah and its lessons. When living those lessons, remember to always look to wonderful people for guidance. Feel the love that we give you now and draw strength that you will someday pass to those who will come after you. Amen.
-Author Unknown

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