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Love Like It's The Only Thing You Know

-Rupi Kaur

Wow. Perfect for when your priorities are a mess. And whose aren’t?

First line: Most importantly love like it’s the only thing you know how. Last line: How you touched the people around you and how much you gave them…

A Family Is Like A Circle

-Nicole M O’Neal

First line: A family is like a circle. Last line: They help define just who you are and will be a part of you eternally…

The Story Of The Guarantors

-Author Unknown

This reading is often recited at baby namings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc. because it points out the future of everything, even Judaism, lies in the next generation.

First line: When Israel stood to receive the Torah, God said to them: “I am giving you my Torah. Give to me good guarantors that will guard it, and I shall give it to you.” Last line: God said: “They are certainly good guarantors. For the sake of your children, I give you the Torah.”… 

Planting The Seeds Of Eternity

-A Talmud Story

Those of us worried about climate change may take very different meanings from this beautiful reading from the Talmud (an ancient Jewish text). But whether we are helping the earth or hurting it, it’s going to be generations after us that are going to be affected by our actions.

First line: One day a sage was walking along a road, and he saw a man planting a carob tree. Last line: The man replied: “I found grown carob trees in the world; as my forefathers planted those for me, I too plant these for my children…”

Blessing For Anyone Who Isn't Jewish ('Cause We Know This Is A Lot)

-Inspired by Rabbi Janet Marder

So here is the thing, half of the Jewish families that we know are headed by a couple where one of them is not Jewish. And we think eureka! That is great! Why isn’t there a blessing for that person who is not Jewish but participating in a Jewish home/life! And… there is! And we love it and hope you do too!

First line: May everyone who shares in a Jewish life feel welcome and integrated. Last line: With all our hearts, we want to thank you for your love and willingness in giving the ultimate gift to the Jewish people. Amen…

Teaching Your Children About God

-Rabbi David J. Wolpe

Might be our favorite reading. Not kidding.

First line: There was once a man who stood before God, his heart breaking from the pain and injustice in the world. Last line: God responded, “I did, I sent you.”…

Human Family

-Maya Angelou

First line: I note the obvious differences in the human family. Last line: We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike…

Another Prayer For Our Country (Because We Need It)

-Rabbi Ayelet Cohen

Chances are, if you are reading this for your family’s reunion or Thanksgiving celebration, you are living in the US and to be honest, your country could use a prayer right now. But, this reading is not specifically for the US, in fact, there probably isn’t a country in the world that could not use a little or lot of prayer right now. This one is a beauty.

First line: Our God and God of our ancestors, bless this country and all who dwell within it. Last line: Let justice well up like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream…

Cousins Of Valor

-Adapted From Proverbs 31

First line: Cousins of valor who can find? For their price is far above rubies. Last line: Give them of the fruit of their hands; and let their works praise them in the gates…

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